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Part of Desolventizer Toaster

Part of Desolventizer Toaster

author:FIRST date:2014-11-06 16:19:49


Our company adopts the new high efficiency DTDC series desolventizer toaster. Desolventizer toaster is the key equipment for wet meal desolventizing and passivation of anti-nutritional factors in the meal. Under the guidance of many years' of practice, our company has developed the new high efficiency desolventizer toaster, which sets desolventizing, drying and cooling in one, with simple operation, stable product quality Desolventizer toaster advantages:

1. Passivate and damage the anti-nutritional components such as the urea enzyme and trypsin in the meal, and improve meal value in use.

2. Control the protein denaturation degree in the meal , and improve the NSI index effectively.

3. It can better regulate the color, flavor and taste of the meal.

4. It can better reduce residual solvent in the meal and regulate the meal moisture, so as to guarantee the minimum solvent consumption and safe use of the meal.

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