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Paraffin Oil Recovery Process Being Installed

Paraffin Oil Recovery Process Being Installed

author:FIRST date:2014-11-06 16:41:46


Paraffin oil recovery process: Tail gas first enters paraffin absorption tower, and then comes the counter-current absorption of paraffin and tail gas, which can reach the ideal state when the stainless steel packing has large surface area. The solvent content in discharged liquid paraffin (called rich oil) is not more than 5%, so as to ensure the maximum absorption rate

The paraffin rich oil is pumped into the heat exchanger to exchange heat with paraffin lean oil, and then goes to paraffin heater, and finally enters paraffin analysis tower. In the analysis tower, the steam-liquid heat exchange is conducted on the surface of stainless steel packing surface with direct steam and rich-oil paraffin, which can remove the solvent in the paraffin. This kind of paraffin, also called lean oil, exchanges heat with rich oil, and then is cooled to the ideal absorption temperature through the cooler. Next, it enters absorption tower for recycling. The gas mixture from the analysis tower enters energy saver, and the tail gas from the absorption tower is discharged from workshop with the fan.

In solvent recovery system, the solvent enters the holding tank through water tank, and the condensed waste water is discharged from water tank. If the tail gas contains certain solvent, cook it with the cooker to make it meet the emission requirement

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