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New brand of cotton seed processing plant

New brand of cotton seed processing plant

author:FIRST date:2016-10-15 11:38:10

Cottonseed oil has a proportion of the edible oils market. The oil is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid constituting about two-thirds of these. Cottonseed oil is a cooking oil extracted from the seeds of cottonseed oil refining plant, mainly Gossypium hirsutum and Gossypium herbaceum. Cotton grown for oil extraction is one of the big four genetically modified crops grown around the world, next to soy, corn, and rapeseed (canola), mostly Monsanto products.


Cottonseed oil extracted from cottonseed must be refined to remove impurities such as gossypol, a naturally occurring toxin that protects the cotton plant from insect damage. Compared to other crude vegetable oils, cottonseed oil is hard to refine. Cottonseed oil in its natural unhydrogenated state has no cholesterol and does not contain trans fatty acids. However, it does contain over 50% omega-6 fatty acids and only trace amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, and the imbalance is considered unhealthy if not used in moderation or balanced elsewhere in the diet. In the first stage of chemical refining, a separator separates the soapstock with the fatty acids neutralized by acid and caustic. The second stage of rerefining the cottonseed oil then follows; this is a second treatment of the cottonseed oil with caustic to remove as much as possible of the gossypol. Gossypol is a pigment which gives raw cottonseed oil an almost black colour. In the third stage, another separator performs the task of removing the wash water from the oil which has been washed with hot water. The pure cottonseed oil can now be dried, bleached and deodorized.

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