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China tops Asia in cotton seed processing plant

China tops Asia in cotton seed processing plant

author:FIRST date:2016-10-19 13:49:46

Cotton seed oil is the main cottonseed edible oil, but the gross cottonseed oil through cottonseed oil refining plant contains gossypol (about 1% content), gum and waxy (content of oil as cotton embryo containing shell only), poor quality, not suitable for direct consumption, the refining process is relatively complicated. The general process of refining process, crude oil filter pre heat oil and alkali match - mixed reaction soap removal - washing - dehydration - drying - cotton oil.


The operating conditions of crude oil filter: not more than 0.2% impurities, the alkali concentration was 20 - 28be, 10% - 25% excess base as the theoretical base, soap removal temperature 70 - 95 DEG C, the drum washing water adding amount of 25 - 1001/h the oil inlet pressure, 0.1 - 0.3MPa, 85 - 90 degrees Celsius. The washing temperature and washing water for oil added amount of 10% - 15%, the pressure of dewatering 0.53MPa, drying temperature is not lower than 90 DEG C, the operation of the absolute pressure was 4.0KPa, the oil filter temperature not higher than 70 DEG C, grain and oil refining equipment. Penguin, according to the customer on the hair oil Types, daily processing capacity of the size, oil standards and other requirements of different conditions of processing custom, size, quantity of refined tanks, product prices are also different.

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