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New planning map of cotton seed oil press plant

New planning map of cotton seed oil press plant

author:FIRST date:2016-10-21 15:36:23

With the cotton seed oil press, cotton seed oil  refining equipment , complete sets of cotton seed processing plant  and domestic sales gradually increased . Domestic and foreign agents to increase sales. The factory has been unable to meet the development of the penguin. After discuss the board of directors decided to expand this year, investment in plant  in  Zhengzhou city of Henan province  purchased 170 acres of land use rights. To expand the construction of the building, a large amount of capital investment will be the construction of automated production workshop, machine to shorten the production cycle, more can guarantee the quality of the machine. In today's information age must have a body of information office, intelligent multimedia conference room, Department of scientific research, multi function.


The new plant  with  wildly beating gongs and drums is located in  Zhengzhou, Henan province.  Zhengzhou First  Grain and Oil Machinery   factory  meet the new face of new customers, to press, more quality and cheap cotton seed processing plant ,cottonseed oil refining plant and cotton oil machinery asa  returning to  customers for their support and trust!

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Cottonseed Oil Production made in China : www.cottonseedpress.com/news/256.html

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