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204-3 model oil press

204-3 model oil press

author:FIRST date:2014-11-07 15:38:33

Pre-press expeller model 204-3 pre-press expeller is a continuous screw, apply to leach or pressing zero vegetable oil plant technology, used for processing peanut kernels, cottonseed kernels, rapeseed, safflower seed, castor, and the seeds containing more oil such as sunflower kernels.



The FEATURES, point Model 204 pre-press machine has suited to squeeze process characteristics.Under the condition of normal pretreatment, its features are:

1. The capacity is bigger.Workshop area, power consumption, operation, management and maintenance work.

2. The pre-pressed cake structure loose but not broken.Is advantageous to the solvent penetration.

3. The oil content and water content in cake are suitable for solvent leaching.

4. Squeeze out the oil quality is a pressing or a leaching oil as well.

5. Can be on the basis of the pre-press expeller model 202 into this equipment, investment cost is greatly reduced. TECHNICAL DATA TECHNICAL DATA

1. The overall dimensions: 2900 * 1850 * 4100 mm

2. Net weight: 5800 kg

3. Electric machine: spindle: Y225M - 6, 30 kw;And "steam cylinder mixer shafts: Y132S - 4 kw; Feed axis:,3.0 Y100L - 4 kw;220/380 v, 50 Hz

4. Handle quantity: 75 ~ 80 t / 24 h (sunflower kernels or lai seed, for example)

5. Cake in residual oil rate: 15 ~ 18% (under the condition of normal pretreatment)

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