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Soybean Screw oil press machine

Soybean Screw oil press machine

author:FIRST date:2014-11-15 11:37:17

The machine is suitable for pressing peanut, soybean, cotton seeds, canola, sunflower seeds, sesame, teaseed and other oilseeds.


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1. The main parts of machine such as, shafts,worms, cage bar are made of high quality alloy steel and treated to improve the hardness.

2. It can be used for both steaming and cooking, adjusting according to the required different temperature when pressing, then get the high quality oil.

3. The machine is fully automatic continuous work from feeding, cooking to oil output, easy maintenance, labor-saving.

General Description copra screw press is a new big pre-press which has high rotating speed, thin cake and can get oil both from outside and inside, specially suitable for the pre-pressing and solvent extraction or twice pressing process, it can be used for the pressing of peanut kernel, cottonseed kernel, rapeseed and sunflower seed kernel, etc.

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