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Cottonseed Oil Press Machine

Cottonseed Oil Press Machine

author:FIRST date:2014-11-15 11:38:33

Cottonseed Oil Press Machine Product Introduction Cottonseed oil press machine is a efficient and modernized equipment which break and press the material. Special roll gap adjustment satisfies our demands of particle size after cracking. Large cracking roll may reduce the number of times for wiredrawing.




It is widely used to press Seeds such as farming seeds, pumpkin seed, peanut,beans, sesame, soybean, cotton seed, sunflower seed, groundnut, vegetable seeds, walnut. This kind of oil press machine has compact and simple structure which is very easy to operate and maintain Main features of oil press machine

1.Characteried by simple design, easy to operate,

2.High productivity, energy saving,

3.Superior grade oil cake.

4. Compact structure, stable functions.

5.Simple maintenance.

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