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Crude Cottonseed oil refining plant

Crude Cottonseed oil refining plant

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1. Crude Cottonseed oil refining machine :  

Dephosphorization → dealkalizing → dewaxing → descoloring → deodorization → refined oil  

2. Crude Cottonseed oil refining section:   

The oil refining process is quite identical. There are two routes are taken to process crude oil into refined oil; which are chemical (basic) refining and physical refining.  

The methods differ basically in the way the fatty acids are removed from the oil. Physical refining, which eliminates the need for an effluent plant for the soap stock, involves subjecting the oil to steam distillation under higher temperature and vacuum for removal of the free fatty acids. The physical refining is used to remove the free fatty acids.  The refining of physical plant is practiced to subject the oil to steam distillation.  

3. Crude Cottonseed oil refining effect 1,After refining the impurity of oil must be less than 0.2% ;  2,Recycling system save power and money;  3,Lower oil waste.

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